About the Girl on The Other Side.

Barbara Hightower is a security dispatcher by day – writer by night – &&& a fake comedian all the time.  When she isn’t asleep she can be found wandering around her house, binging some dumb T.V. series,  or working on her debut novel, “Frost”.

This blog will contain whatever may pop into her head – which she hopes she is able to write continuously for all to enjoy and get back into the groove.  However, her mind is full, and sometimes she just can’t.  But she can be found here being herself or complaining about things she just cannot fix.

She has started her weight loss journey recently and sometimes you may find something about that in this blog creating a safe space for anyone who is attempting to lose weight, get healthy, and find their way in life.  Everyone needs someone when they hit a bump and think there is nothing left for them and they want to give up.  Hopefully, that’s what people will find in here so she’ll continue to write.

However, if you’d like to follow along with Barbara’s journey into the writing world and updates on her novel, “Frost”.  Feel free to follow her Author Website to get the latest and best updates she could imagine having.