Messed up.

Dear Everybody!

I’m pretty sure that I totally messed up when it came to my blog.  I decided to buy a URL domain for my writing.  Yep!  That’s right.  I decided that if I’m going to get serious about my writing that I need to stop making excuses and start doing something.  So I opened up my blog and ended up buying a domain through Blogger.  Why?  Honestly, because it was cheaper.

I enjoyed Blogger when I used it so it’s not a huge deal there.  The huge deal is the fact that I have been using this one so long that I made a following.  Which means – if my followers are here on WordPress then they are NOT over on blogger.  They may have been once, but they are not now.

It’s weird to have two blogs being updated daily so I won’t be using this one anymore.  That is.. well, I might one day switch back over if the money allows me to.  But right now, since I have already paid for it, I’m going to be using blogger.  So, if any of you guys have a blogger, please – please follow me over there.

If you do not have Blogger, which I hope you do, I hope somewhere inside of you – you will miss seeing me post every blue moon.

Another thought!  If you don’t have blogger & still want to follow me for updates; feel free to follow me on my Writing Facebook Page!  Because seriously, who doesn’t have a facebook page?

See you guys on the flip side!


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