To Read Or Not To Read…

I follow quite a few blogs on here that, when I followed, I figured I would read daily.  Just sit around and read, read, and read.  But ever since I started following them I realized that I have actually never read them.  Any of them.  I think I did when I first followed them.  I don’t want you to think that I just randomly follow people’s blogs without ever reading anything.  I did, at first and I liked what I read.  But since the day I followed them I haven’t read them.

What brought this on?

Well, I actually just followed a blog that I have never read anything from just because I’m a fan of them.  (A chef from The Food Network).  It just makes me wonder if anyone is actually reading what I write.  &&&& yes, I am kind of caring whether anyone does or not.  I could sit here and lie and say that I don’t care if anyone reads anything I write and I’m just doing this for myself.  But like I said – that would be a lie.

I started this blog for one reason – so people can read me.  That way people who don’t know me can read something daily (I don’t write daily, sadly) and get to know my writing style.  Why?  It’s what writers do.

I have read many things (and said many times on here) that I need a following if I ever wish to get published.  One day I hope to get published so I need a following.  Other than, of course, friends and family.  So basically, that’s why I still have this blog &&& twitter for that matter.  I tried making a Facebook for the writer side of me, but it wanted to be hooked to my personal one and it’s private which made everything private.  It doesn’t work quite like that.  So I deleted the writer side and kept twitter and this blog.

So now I try to write as much as I can.  I tend to forget to open this and will go days if not months without ever writing.  Then when I finally do write something I sit back and look at it and think it’s dumb.  So I end up deleting it and never writing another.  Yes, I have done that many times.

I cannot remember my point behind this. Heh.


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