Needs to write more…

I wonder a lot if all writers go through blocks.  Not a writers block.  Just a block in general.

I have been finished with the story for nearly a year but yet I am only up to chapter four in corrections.  The first set of corrections.  I honestly feel as if I should be further along than what I am.  What makes it worse is that I haven’t been writing anything else, either.

Writers are supposed to write.
Writers are supposed to read.

I cannot seem to do either.

The last book I remember reading was the third book in the Gabriel trilogy by Sylvian Reynard.  I read that right after it came out.

I took up sewing in hopes that maybe it can clear out a hole in my head that I plugged up.  But all it has accomplished is now I have millions of tiny pillows in my bedroom that don’t have a purpose.  Anyone need pillows?

I pretty sure I am going to put away the sewing and get back to writing.  I walked through a book section in a store and all I could think, “one day my name will be on one of these books.”  When?  I’m not sure of that yet.  But I know one day.