I don’t have anything…

I’m sadly not an authority in anything.

I want to get a second job to make some extra money – mostly for small things around the house.  But I realized a few months/years ago that I am way to lazy.  (My sit down computer job made me this way.)  && I realized that i don’t want to do anything.  I went through a list of places hiring around town: Homeland (town grocery store) – I would only want to be a cashier but I would want a reclining chair.  But I just know they’d want me to stock shelves and wouldn’t give me a scooter cart to do so.  Valero is hiring, (convenience store) – basically, when you work there you do everything.  Sometimes working completely alone and not having anyone to help for hours at a time.  Have you ever tried to run a register, cook deep fried bad for foods, stocks shelves, and handle pissed off truckers at the same time?  No?  Eh, neither have I.  &&& I don’t really want to.  Most of the fast food places are hiring, but I have been there and I don’t particularly like the jokes that come along with being in a “fast food” place when you’re overweight.  ((Being a chef is different when you’re overweight.  That’s when they LOVE you.))

So basically what I am saying is that i want a part-time job where I don’t have to do anything.  What kind of idea did I have?  That’s right!  Online job.  There are many online jobs that only problem I have – I am not any good at anything.  I don’t have any particular knowledge about anything to do online jobs.

I also went through the list of blogging for money but everything says the same thing, “is looking for experienced online freelance writers who are credible authorities in their fields and capable of conveying information to users in a friendly, enthusiastic, and compelling way.”  

What was I getting at?

See! That’s my problem.

Gotta go!