Are we enablers?

Tonight on my way home from work I began wondering if I am an enabler for behavior I don’t agree with.  Do I, without realizing it, tell people that I am okay with them treating other people horribly and without any care whatsoever?  What gives me the right to ever let someone sit somewhere and bash another person without telling them to stop and think about this first?

I am a listener.  I have been since I can remember.  I want people to be happy and I figure that if I listen to them rant, rave, and complain that somewhere they will just automatically turn happy.  However, I’m not happy.  Through this whole process that I’m holding their hand for, I’m not happy.  I’m not happy listening to grown adults trash talk one another over which one took the last piece of college rule lined paper from the bigger desk.  I’m not happy as I sit there, in my chair at work, and listen to women, who happen to be older than me, call someone else an ugly whore with no morals.  I’m not happy when I listen to two women sit across from one another screaming obscenities over some of the dumbest reasons.

Now I wonder, if all of these times I sit there and allow them to rant to me about other people, am I enabling them to treat people like crap?  Am I telling them this behavior is okay and they should continue doing it?

The biggest thing I have been toying with is – would it stop if I were to tell them I refuse to enable a behavior i don’t agree with?   Just tell them no, I refuse to listen.  Would that make them realize that the way they are treating people is wrong and they should seriously rethink their strategy?


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