Saved By The Bell.

I have read many web pages dedicated to a movie where the cast of ‘Saved By The Bell’ gets back together and you find out what has happened since 1994 until now.  So as I lay here this morning watching ‘Saved By The Bell’ on Netflix I wonder to myself, what exactly could have happened to the characters of the show.

Zack and Kelly got married at nineteen while still in college.  Today they’d be 41 and still married – happily, even after twenty-two years of marriage.  We’d assume after the marriage they had so much sex they went through thirteen beds – so we are looking at at least one kid probably around the age of 19, and we’re going to assume it’s a boy, Zack Morris Jr.  Not only did he take after his dad in looks he also took after his attitude, and scheming ways but lucky for him, his principal in High School would of course be an old Mr. Belding (who is still married to his loving wife and raising their wonderful child.)

I don’t believe they ever actually specified what they were in college for so we’re going off of how they were in high school.  Kelly, would of course be a middle school English teacher.  She loved helping and has a soft spot for children.  Zack would be iffy – having not really done much in high school we are going to assume he done something where he could spend more time with his wife.  Principal.  After college Zack and Kelly moved back to their home town where Zack would be the vice principal underneath Mr. Belding until he retired and Zack becoming full fledged principal.

AC Slater after college became a professional football player having all of his dreams come true until in 2004 when he was hit awkwardly on the football field breaking his left leg, arm, and messing up his face that he was unable to go back.

He married his college sweat heart in 1999 and have three children, two boys (born: 2001 & 2003) and a girl (born: 2004).  Everything was picture perfect for AC, even after getting a job at Bayside as the coach for football and track, until his wife decided his cheating ways were enough – taking the children and leaving.  AC didn’t put one and one together, claiming he wasn’t cheating, until he spoke to Zack and he explained that he’s been having a silent affair with Jessie since Zack and Kelly’s wedding.

AC fought the notion for two years after his wife left stating that he wasn’t having sex with a woman that lived in another complete state.  Kelly informed him that sex isn’t the only way to cheat that his incessant need to talk to Jessie daily, about work, his life, dreams and family is just as bad as if he had had sex with her.

Jessie through AC’s life for a loop when she showed up for the wedding in ’94, as they had been apart for a few years and hadn’t seen each other.  They both realized just how much they cared for each other and wanted to stay in touch.  Through the years they lost touch and regained touch many times before AC was married and they both decided friendship is all they’d want.  Jessie was never married – at least to another human.  She ended up “marrying” her work and became the CEO of one of the largest banks in California history.

After AC’s wife left Jessie got the nerve and discussed with AC about him moving to be with him and them having a future together.  As much as it appealed to him her lifestyle wasn’t something he had in mind and decided to stay at Bayside beside Zack and Kelly.

Lisa lived her dreams.  After attending college at FIT she started her own fashion line becoming the top selling brand worldwide.  Between the ages of 25 and 33 she had found herself married and divorced three times, and having three children (a girl, Kristine, b. 2000, a boy, Michael James, b.2002, & a girl, Jordyn, b. 2003.)

Screech is probably the one that would shock and awe many people.  He didn’t find a life like the rest.  He was never married and never had children.  After college everyone went their separate ways hoping to fulfill a life they all dreamed about.  Screech, however, didn’t.  He applied at many jobs from flipping burgers to being a top member of a popular I.T. company in California.  However, sadly, everyone seemed to give him the same answer – that he was overqualified for the job.  Basically he was worth more than they wanted to pay.

Depression, for him, sunk in quickly when he realized at the age of 30 he was still living in his parents basement.  Drugs and alcohol became his best friend until his mother phoned Zack, because she was so worried about Screech, and explained to him what was going on.  Zack spoke to the school board and was happy to tell Screech that there was a job, as a science teacher, open for him and being held.  All he would have to do is accept.

Mr. Belding continued to be principal at Bayside until retiring at the age of 53 in 2008 leaving the ranks to Zack (who was only 34.)  After retiring he chose to be a homebody working on outside products and actually being able to enjoy watching television.

Tori, for anyone that remembers her, graduated with part of the crew.  After graduation she went on to college, more than likely out of state, and while there realized that the living a lie must stop.  After the off & on relationship with Zack Morris in high school she realized she never dated a guy again.  Instead, she finally realized that her heart was meant for women, and while in college met the love of her life and to this day – living happily together.

The two women together have adopted three children and live on a farm in Wisconsin.

But then again… I could be wrong on everything.


Are we enablers?

Tonight on my way home from work I began wondering if I am an enabler for behavior I don’t agree with.  Do I, without realizing it, tell people that I am okay with them treating other people horribly and without any care whatsoever?  What gives me the right to ever let someone sit somewhere and bash another person without telling them to stop and think about this first?

I am a listener.  I have been since I can remember.  I want people to be happy and I figure that if I listen to them rant, rave, and complain that somewhere they will just automatically turn happy.  However, I’m not happy.  Through this whole process that I’m holding their hand for, I’m not happy.  I’m not happy listening to grown adults trash talk one another over which one took the last piece of college rule lined paper from the bigger desk.  I’m not happy as I sit there, in my chair at work, and listen to women, who happen to be older than me, call someone else an ugly whore with no morals.  I’m not happy when I listen to two women sit across from one another screaming obscenities over some of the dumbest reasons.

Now I wonder, if all of these times I sit there and allow them to rant to me about other people, am I enabling them to treat people like crap?  Am I telling them this behavior is okay and they should continue doing it?

The biggest thing I have been toying with is – would it stop if I were to tell them I refuse to enable a behavior i don’t agree with?   Just tell them no, I refuse to listen.  Would that make them realize that the way they are treating people is wrong and they should seriously rethink their strategy?