New Things.

I realized the other night, while trying to make dinner, that I am in a rut.  A cooking rut.  I never thought that was actually a thing.  But apparently it is.  And I am in it.

Trying to find new things to make is actually more complicated than I thought.  Mostly because everything anymore had like cups beyond cups of red or white wine – I don’t keep any form of alcohol in the house.  Maybe I should start?  I don’t know.  I’m not even sure if I even know where to buy red or white wine.

The new recipe trend started a few weeks ago when I attempted to make chicken enchilada’s.  Turned out really well – the boyfriend really enjoyed it.  Or at least that’s what he said.  I’m still curious if he’d even tell me the truth if I made something that was horrible.

1chicken enciladas

I have a made a few other things.  One night I made alfredo sauce from scratch, & made a crock pot roast.  Both seemed to turn out good.  Sadly, I didn’t picture of the take either of those.  Just know one looked like alfredo sauce & the other looked like a roast.  I can find pictures randomly on the internet if it’ll make this post better.

Last night I decided to make a Rachel Ray recipe I came across through facebook, Lasagna Sloppy Joes.  


The sauce itself was good other than I couldn’t get it to thicken.  I wonder if it’s because she used wine & I did not.  But everything else I substitute wine for something else seems to work.  But this, wouldn’t thicken.  Maybe I did something else incorrect, I was really tired and was thinking about sleep, but I feel like I did it right.  That, & my town grocery store does NOT sell cibata rolls, so I had to buy the frozen ones and it’s all I could taste was the bread itself.  Then of course that bread was hard.  So mental note: Do not use frozen cibata bread.  Go to a bigger store next time.

Tonight, since it’s bowling night for me, I’m thinking about making a slow cooker Chinese meal.  I found a recipe for General Tso’s, but I’m nervous as crap for that.  White person attempting Chinese food.  Mexican’s do it well – but I’m not that either.  That was funnier in my head than in print.

General Tso’s and sesame noodles seems to be a good way to start cooking Chinese food.  Don’t ya think?