A Letter:

Daily Prompt:

Who is the person in your life who can do no wrong? Describe this person and tell us why you hold them in such high esteem.


Dear Timothy,

There are not many people left that I truly cherish.  We have been through a lot and every day we face more side by side.  At times it feels like a dream, and we’re sucked into it.  I feel, sometimes, if someone pinched us hard enough we’d wake up and we’d be 15 & 16 again.  Back to reality.  Back to the life we knew was ours.

We an Hansel & Gretel, if you will.  A fairy tale brought to life.  (I’ve been watching too much “Once Upon a Time.”)

I know that isn’t true.  We aren’t dreaming.  We are living life the way we are supposed to.  However, my dear brother, I know there is so much more we have to face.  Together.

I was asked today who is the most precious person in my life.  The only person I could think of was you.  You are everything in my life.  If I ever lost you I have no idea what I would do.  How I would go on.

You’ve always been the strong one.  The one that isn’t afraid.  That doesn’t shed many tears.  Someone with a heart of gold, even if you decided to stop believing so high of yourself.  You’re intelligent, nice, and do so much for so many people who take you for granted.  I know people think, sometimes, that you’re no good.  But to me, you’re exactly what people need in their lives.  

You are comparably different than everyone in my life.  You are the only one left that tells me how it is.  The only person I can honestly put all of my faith in and know that I won’t be disappointed in the end.  I know, just as you do, you’ve disappointed me.  But not on purpose, and I know this.  

Nobody is perfect.

But I know you will always be damn near perfect in my eyes.  You are my big brother.  Someone who sticks up for me.  Believes in me.  Takes care of me.  I know that as long as you’re near me I can accomplish anything I want.  You’re more of inspiration to me than you’ll ever know, and I want to thank you.  I love you more than you’ll ever know and don’t want you to forget it.  

Love always,

Your Little Sister.


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