Don’t be a jerk! It’s Christmas!

It is the fourth of December.

December – a month where you’re supposed to be happy.  It’s beginning to get cold – if it isn’t already cold.  (I live in Southern Oklahoma – it’s just beginning to get cold.)  Go out in public with a smile and help people as much as possible.  Sometimes I forget that I don’t live in a pink world with cotton candy trees where people just break out in a musical number at the drop of a dime.  (We can only wish.)

I was slapped in the face tonight with how much of a moron I really am.  I went up to Family Dollar in hopes of finding a cheaper set of headphones because mine aren’t working anymore and I love listening to music when I write.  I parked, wobbled in, and began searching.  Once I found everything I needed (about eight things) I headed to the register.  There were two people in front of me so I just stood to the side a little because they knew I was there, including the cashier.

Apparently, when I’m standing somewhere I tend to bob my head so I was doing that.  (I noticed and stopped.)  Waiting.  I’m a patient person.  Always have been even when I was a child.  I figured if someone is in a bigger hurry than me there is a reason behind it.  I’m never in a hurry.  When I get into a hurry I tend to get flustered and never regain my composure.  It’s easier for everyone in my life if I just take my time.

There I stand in line with my few items waiting.  People get in line and go before me.  Now I’d like to point out, I am 5’3″ but I’m as wide as a barn – you can see me.  I promise.  People were acting as if they couldn’t see me.  They’d look at me and continue on.  Finally it is back down to two people in front of me, I get a little excited because I’m about to leave.  A boy in his teens gets in line, he glances at me, I do my normal “smile and nod my head.”  Nothing.  I shrug it off.  Maybe he thought I like them younger and now totally want to attack him in the store.  Who knows really?

A couple minutes flash by, the lady in front of him had a basket full, overflowing.  I glance around a lot when I’m waiting in line.  I take in the scenery, if you will.  I glanced back over at the kid and now an older woman, possibly in her 40’s, is now standing with him.  Her eyes never leave me.  Yes, she is watching me like a hawk.  I shrug that off.  (I seriously am just that mellow.)

The woman is finishing up her payment and the teen looks over at his mom and gestures toward me.  The mother (remember, she’s in her 40’s talking to her teenager) turns her back to me and proudly exclaims, “If the bitch was in line she would be next.”  Then the mother pushes her son forward, almost bumping into the woman in front of them, and begins putting their stuff on the counter.

First, I’d like to say that I have very good hearing.  I can honestly hear people whispering in a loud room.

Two, it takes a lot to piss me off.  I just don’t see the point in being angry, at anything.

Three, that 40 year old mother of a teenager is a prime example of why teenagers now days need a good swift kick to the teeth.  Because their parents, who they look up to, don’t teach them right & wrong.

Four, that mother angered me.  I cussed to myself all the way to my car.  Through the drive home.  To my sister-in-law as I was dropping off the stuff for her.  All the way across the street.  To updating my Facebook status.  And now, I’m still complaining.

You’re supposed to teach your children how to be respectful.  If you have a basket full of stuff, someone has eight, you’re supposed to teach them that it’s okay to let them go first.  But no.  This woman will raise that teenager to be the type of person who is walking through Wal-Mart, someone ACCIDENTALLY bumps into him, and he punches them in the eye followed by some horrible language and a screaming match where he is eventually arrested.

Good luck in the world, young man.  I wish you luck.

(Side note, this was written by a 26 year old.  Goes to show just how much parents have changed in a few years.)


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