…is bad.  I know it.  But I do it anyway.  

I haven’t really wrote anything in a week.  Finished up my prologue & wrote my epilogue and finished chapter 11.  I began chapter 12 last weekend – now – I haven’t been able to work anymore on it.  I’m not sure if it’s because I’m having issues finishing it or not.  I know how I want to end it.  I basically already wrote the ending.  But the middle.  The peanut butter, if you will, is still missing.  All I have is bread that has a little bit of jelly on it.  I have to figure out the ‘peanut butter’ or I’ll never finish it.  I have thought, since I am still working on the parts, that I would go back & correct it.  However, what I do when I do that is fix it.  “Butcher it”.  Then it will end up like the short story I wrote a few years ago – in the bottom of my closet never to be finished.  This story, however, I don’t want to do that to.  

I want to finish it.  I want to try & get it published.  I want to feel a book, written by me, in my hands.  But I wonder a lot if I will ever finish it.  At this rate – I won’t.