I seem to work on this a lot.  A lot less than I did before but still  a lot compared to everything else I attempt to do.  I still don’t seem to get very far into it.  My problem?  I want to get to the good parts and skip all the small parts.  You know, the parts people consider the glue.  But I realize that I have to put in all of the small parts or it wont make any sense.  Sometimes I wish I could just snap my fingers and be done with it.

Easy button anyone?

Right now I am attempting to finish chapter nine.  Mostly because I have been in this chapter way too long.  Too long being nearly two months.   I set myself a goal and at this rate I won’t achieve it.

What is the goal?  I wanted to be done with the first draft by December 2013 – which would be a year. But at the rate I am at right now, it won’t happen.  I have decided though, I won’t be hard in myself if I don’t achieve it.  It sometimes takes people a couple years to write their first book.  With jobs and every day life, sometimes you have to take what you can.

I have faith in myself and I know I can.  It just takes time.  Hopefully sooner than later I will be able to share my novel with y’all.   A clip or something.   Hopefully I write more often – typing on a cell phone can get annoying fast.

So until next time..