Summing it up…

I guess you could say that I am a little on the ‘slacking side’  Every year bloggers usually say what happened throughout the year and how much they’ve changed.  I normally do.  I think I did last year.  I’m not sure.  I’ve slept since then.  Since I am not really doing anything I figured I’d go ahead and give it a shot.

1. I said goodbye to my normal November movie.  The final installment of the Twilight Saga ended last year and once the movie is out on DVD, it’s done.  Over with.  Complete.  I’m sad.  Now I have to find something else to get obsessed with.  (Besides 50 Shades of Grey and Gabriel’s Inferno.)  And just an FYI, I bought my first popcorn bucket at Carmike 8 Theater and will probably never use it.

2. I began writing a novel.  It’s called ‘Frost’ & as the end of the year ended I had three chapters wrote.  I am, right now, working on chapter 5.  I decided that if I want to be a writer I must begin writing something.  So I began writing my twist on the famous Cinderella.  Except mine isn’t the average (how many times will this story be wrote?  I found one the other day that is about Cinderella being a robot (Cinder)…)  I have been wanting to write this story for a long time & last year I decided just to do it.  

3.  Read an article in a newspaper that a co-worker gave me and realized that I need to get into the ‘writing community’ & get a following.  Because publishing companies go by that when it comes to figuring out who to publish.  They figure if people follow you to begin with then there is probably something there that will make them money.  I completely understand but I’m having issues getting into it & getting followers.  I have a few.  & when I post something they like they hit ‘like’.  But compared to a lot of people – three likes isn’t doing it.  (Sometimes I wish they’d count my Facebook   On one status I get nearly 20 likes.  BUT – my family/friends think I’m hilarious.  Strangers haven’t figured that out yet.  Trust me, though, I’m HILARIOUS!)

4. April I moved out on my own.  My own house.  Paying bills myself.  & I have decided it was probably by far the worse idea ever.  Not living on my own.  Living in this particular house.  Right now, as I type this, my water is shut off because I have a leak in my bathtub & no one seems to be in a hurry to fix it.  (I’m withholding rent until they fix it.  They don’t know this yet.  They’ll figure it out the first.  They seem too busy to fix it.  I’m too busy to pay it.)  This is actually the THIRD leak I’ve had & I haven’t been there a year.  My landlord’s husband done all of the plumbing.  They should probably pay someone to do it for them.  Because not only has he had to fix my plumbing but he had to fix it in EVERY house they own.  I’m seriously thinking about moving into apartments in April when my lease is up.  I’d hate to move out of a house into an apartment but at least they will fix it.  I’ll miss living across the street from my brother, though.

5. I don’t believe I have a number 5.  That seems to have summed up last year.  Oh, other than the fact that we are still alive and I hope that no one done anything stupid.  You know, for an example, run through your life savings.  Buy a bunch of stuff you didn’t need just because you thought we wouldn’t be here anymore.  Eat someone’s face because you thought you were a zombie.  *rawr*

This year I’m hoping for a better year.  I’m hoping for the best year of my life.  Then next year I hope to have an even better year.  I’m hoping that each year that passes just keeps getting better.  Starting with this year of course.  What do I hope happens?  Just like every year I hope to get into shape.  Mostly because I have the risk of dying young in my face.  What do I mean?  My great-grandmother died in her 60’s.  My grandmother was in her 50’s.  My mother was 40.  I don’t have great odds.  But I know that I can beat that if I lose weight.  That’s common sense.  

I hope to finish ‘Frost’.  At least through the first stage of it.  I haven’t reread any chapter yet.  I get irritated at it and never finish.  I have done that all my life.  Right now, as I’ve said, I’m at Chapter 5 & I have been writing since the last week of November ’12.  So keeping hope alive I hope to be done by July and then have the final draft by December.  Possibly then will I be able to have it published.  If not – at least then I can say that I have finally finished a full story.  Start to finish.  That is an accomplishment for myself since I’ve never done it.  (I realized that the other night.  I have never finished a story from start to finish & it bummed me to the core.  I realize though, that I’m young and I have learning to do when it comes to writing.  As I get older my writing will become better.  But I also know that when it comes to publishing, an editor does a lot to ‘help’ the story a long.  I don’t want to rely on that, though.  I’d like someone to read my writing & say ‘oh it’s good the way it sits.’)

What kind of writer do I want to be?  I want to have at least one person in my life tell me ‘your book touched me in ways a story never has’.  I’ve said that before about books.  Because it was true.  I have read books in my life that still, to this day, awe me in ways I didn’t thinking writing could.  No, Frost I can tell you now, will not be that story.  One day though.  Or one of the writers that someone reads the work of and turns it into a movie/television show because it was just that good.  

So… know people who want to follow someone on their blog that rarely blogs because they don’t have internet at home & their phone is not good enough for blogging.  Send them my way.  Fine me on twitter – follow me there.  I need a following… I guess I don’t ‘need’ a following.  I’d like one.  Trust me.  I’m hilarious.  I feel like I’m pimping myself out. @HightowerBarb  I’d put my Facebook on here but I use that for family/friends & I’d never accept anything.  I might have to make one for my blog or something.  We’ll see.


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