Lima Beans Equal Love

(Another short story I wrote at work.  Yes, I really am this weird.)

Lilly stood in the middle of a field and chewed on a leaf she found hanging from a large tree.  Her mouth moved almost to the speed of sound.  At least that is what she tells her friends in school when they are standing beside the dumpster eating lunch and chatting about the boys.  Her friends always kid with her saying she’s very ‘boy crazy’ falling head over heels for every guy she meets.  Her eyes lately have been set on Michael, a taller boy with bright green eyes that sparkled and danced when he laughed.

She met Michael during physical education in second period when she tripped herself in the volley ball net and went tumbling up bleachers.  Her face was red as she told her it’s nothing to worry about, he’s done it too.  Lilly felt a little better until she realized he was lying just to see her smile.  Most girls, however, would love that; for her, it was an abomination.  She always dreamed of being told the truth all the time not just when it seems like a good idea.  So when she met Michael she thought he was going to be different.  Her other half.

Lilly reached up into the tree and pulled down another leaf from the tree and began chewing.  Her teeth loudly chomping on the leaf as it sways back and forth in her jaws.  Leaning against the tree she heard whistling from the bottom of the hill she sat on.   Glancing down she saw a beautiful unicorn galloping up the hill.  Her heart rate sped as she realized that it was Michael that was galloping toward her.  Lilly quickly fixed her hair as he got closer.  Her giraffe body posed deliciously as she waited for him to get to the top.

Michael stopped, standing in front of her, holding a large white pail.  He smiled his heart stopping teeth showing grin as Lilly forgot how to stand.  Her knees began to wobble as she fell – hard – on the ground.  Michael flew toward her dropping his pail on the ground, tiny lima beans landing everywhere around the two of them.

“Lima beans?”  Lilly asked as Michael wrapped his arms around her.

“I remember you said you liked them more than leaves.”  He embraced her tighter.

She smiled.  “Oh, Michael, You’re so sweet.”

“I aim to please, Miss.”


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