Chapter Three : Updated.

One night at home I sat quietly by myself as I stared blankly at my computer screen.  A page and a half covered in words that may or may not be something worth something.  I placed my hands gently onto the keys and stopped thinking so much about what I was writing and how much  and just let my fingers type.  The idea that maybe I was over thinking what I wanted to say came to mind a lot.

Seven pages later I finished chapter three.  Yeah.  Seven pages doesn’t sound too good, especially for readers, but I can always go back and add more.  Do more later.  All I want to achieve right now is finishing the story.

Now I am slowly working on chapter four.  The plan I had for the story isn’t going correctly and now I have to rethink what I want to put in chapter four.  I’ll figure it out eventually.  I usually do.  Then I’ll have to find the words that are correct. :)

I should have a short story posted soon.  For anyone who wants to see how I write.  Maybe that will make someone out there excited about the finishing of my book and possibility of publishing it besides me – of course.

That is what I made my New Years Resolution.  I would like to finish “Frost” & finally finish “The Letters” (even if it comes out to be a long short story.  But I want to finish it.  It’ll probably never be published, since it’s not an actual ‘novel’, but I want to be done with it.  Once and for all.)


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