Chapter Three.

I have made a decision.  What is this decision?  Chapter three will be the DEATH of me!

I wonder if all authors go through this.  Is author a proper word to describe me?  Eh.  Probably not.  I’m still going to use it.  Live.  With.  It.

I have been trying to write chapter three for nearly three weeks & I have gotten no where.  I am up to a page and a half, when after twelve hours of writing the previous chapters, I’m done.  As soon as I begin to tackle chapter three, even if I have notes & the knowledge that I need for the chapter, I cannot write it.  Three is the chapter I always seem to stop writing.  I’ll put the story aside & tell myself I’ll go back to that later.  I just need a break.  Three hundred years later, it’s still collecting dust in the corner of my bedroom because I haven’t picked it up.

When I was still in college, English Composition 2, I wrote a short story.  (I italicize ‘short story’ because a lost of people couldn’t consider it a short story because it was over twenty chapters, as we speak.)  I have been working off & on with that story for the last few years attempting to finish it.  I’ve been working hard on getting it to the point that I like it.  There were a few, when it was still a short story, that liked it.  As I have looked at it the last few years with a large clip on the top I feel like there should be more to it.  So I have been adding and taking away.  But I think – THINK – think I am going to take it back down to a short story and be done with it.  Just end it.  And be done with it.  But who actually still reads short stories?  What exactly is a short story?

When I was nineteen I began writing something called Ctrl. Alt. Delete.  Third chapter – stumped me.  I never finished it.  That work is still in a shed at a house that we own in a whole different town.

Frost.  The work I’m attempting to write right now.  Chapter three.  A page and a half.  I know the details & I know what I want to happen.  But putting the words on the paper is beginning to give me a hernia.  Is that even possible?

I write the best at work.  That’s where I wrote chapters one & two.  I tried all weekend to write chapter three & nothing.  A few words.  But nothing worth keeping.

I still keep wondering if I am able to do this or not.  Writing, that is.


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