Daily Prompt : Just a Dream :

Today’s Daily Prompt : Just a Dream.  It sounded interesting so I figured I’d go ahead and attempt this one.

“You’re having a nightmare, and have to choose between three doors. Pick one, and tell us about what you find on the other side.”

I pick number three.

Inside I find nothing.  A white room filled with nothing.  Absence.

I walk in and shut the door quietly behind me.  The background flashes to a playground.  I blink a couple times attempting to focus on the backdrop.  The playground is empty.  Toys.  A swing set.  The swing swaying back and forth.  As if someone had just gotten off of it and ran off.  No footprints.

I come up on the jungle gym.  On top is my brother’s ex-girlfriend and his best friend.  Giggling like kids.  Having fun.  I stand on the bottom looking up at the two of them.

“Where is Tim?”  I don’t recognize my voice.  It comes out in a song.
Juan, his friend looks down at me, and smiles.  “I haven’t seen him.”
I freak.  My heart tries to punch out of my chest like a boxer.  I can’t breathe.  “Where is my brother?”
His ex-girlfriend looks down at me.  Her annoying smile shines in the moonlight.  “He was just here.  But he’s gone now.”

I back up and stare at the two of them.  Still playing like little kids.  I back up a little more and glare.

I tilt my head to the side as smoke begins to form at the bottom underneath the jungle gym.  They continue playing as if nothing is going on.  The smoke turns into flames as I watch the jungle gym engulf in flames.  I hear screaming.

I blink.  The background is white again. Nothing.

I walk forward.  Tripping, I slide down a long winding slide; hitting hard on the bottom.

I’m in a room.  A large room.  I know this room.  Where do I know this room?  I blink.

My grandfather is standing before me.  Smiling ear to ear.  He is so happy.  Glad to see me.  I smile.

I blink.  A gun is in my left hand.  Why do I have a gun?  What is this gun for?

I lift my hand up.  His smile fades.  I pull the trigger and watch my grandfather fall.

I jump backwards landing through the third door.

I wake up.  Sweat rolling down my forehead.  I sit up in bed and look around my bedroom.  Nothing is different.  I’m tangled in my sheet and have three pillows laying all around my bedroom floor.  The television is turned down and the fan is on high.  I fall backwards on my bed, staring at the ceiling.


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