Writer Community.

I have never been published.  I’ve only finished two short stories in my life.  They are in my bedroom floor collecting dust.  I’m working on other stories ranging from short stories to something that will be larger if I finish it.

I read something somewhere that said if I want to be published one day then I need a strong following on a blog.  This is my blog.  I don’t have a strong following.  Is that because I don’t write small stories in my blog?  If I did would it make a difference?  Would more people read it?  Would less people read it?

I used to write small stories in this but stopped because I am a paranoid freak and I am convinced that someone somewhere will take it.  *rolls eyes*  Like anybody really wants to take my writing.  I guess I could just go back to putting stories in every now and then and see how my following would go.  The worse thing that could happen?  I don’t get anymore followers and it was all in vein.  Either way, I at least tried.


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