Daily Prompt : What is your worst quality?

It’s been awhile since I’ve wrote.  Been writing a lot and then of course work.  Cannot forget the days I choose to sleep in.  Since I’m connected to internet for a few hours I figured I’d write something really quick.

The daily prompt : What is your worst quality?

I thought about saying ‘nothing’.  That I’m perfect and awesome.  Although, just an FYI, I am awesome.  But everyone knows they have horrible qualities, and for a person to say no then they are lying to themselves and everyone around them.  I did have to think about this question though.  Not because I honestly believe I don’t have any.  But because I’m used to everything about me and I’ve accepted them.  Anymore for me I don’t find it ‘bad’.

After thinking a few minutes and asking other people I have decided that my worst quality is that I’m loud.  I’m not talking sexually loud, either.  I’m talking that I am really loud.  Mostly when I’m tired.  Or when I’m excited.  Now you’re thinking “well, I get loud when I’m excited.”  Take your excited loud and multiply that by ten, add fifty, and multiply that again by one hundred.  You’re almost to the extent of my loudness.  That’s when I’m excited.  When I’m tired, it’s two times worse.

Yes, I’m totally be serious man!

I try my hardest not to be loud by nearly whispering when I’m going around people.  They say it’s because I’m just so animated.  Being animated is one thing, being loud and annoying is completely different.  For me, I’m loud and annoying.

Then of course, if we’re bashing ourselves – my laugh is a really bad quality.


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