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I planned on writing on the daily prompt.  Especially since I haven’t been on much lately.  After reading through the last few, since I’ve been away, I realized that I won’t be able to write about them.  I seen one that sounded interesting, “write a post without using any three letter words” – I sat here for a moment and thought about writing that one.  Until I realized that, yeah I know other words in the English language, but without some of the three letter words, it doesn’t always make sense.  Plus, I don’t always think about it.

I like my three letter words.

I kept scrolling through and found one about ‘writing something that I wish could get published about something in the headlines’.  I don’t watch, or listen to the ‘headlines’ so I can’t write about that either.  I could fake it?  But that would be worse than using five million three letter words.

Times like this, though, is when I wish I did listen to headlines or watch the news.  That way when people ask me for my opinion on something I’d be able to write about it.  But I can’t.  Fact, I haven’t even read the other posts to see what they are about because I’m so anti headlines.  Maybe I am not totally anti headlines, I just don’t have any…. I just don’t care.

I do have people tell me all the time “just because you don’t care right now will probably change as you get older”.  I know I’m still young, but by 25, didn’t most care?  Except me.  I just don’t care.  Possibly when I’m 45 I’ll care about something.  Until then, I’ll just write about puppies playing in flower pots, or large rainbows with a small bowl of gold at the end.

Mostly because I’m choosing to stay in denial.  Anyone want to join me?

Well crud!  That wasn’t even today’s post.  Today’s post is about ‘what did I let slide and how would I fix it today‘.

When thinking about that all I can think of is a job I had at twenty-one.  I think I was twenty-one, anyway.  My past kind of blurs together after awhile.

I actually enjoyed this job.  At the time.  One of the better ones I had.  At the time.  Cheap Store gave benefits, and I had the hours I wanted.  The ladies I worked with were awesome and fun to be around.  I enjoyed going to work every day.

One Thursday night, one of the girls and I closed together.  After we restocked the shelves and closed all the registers we went to the back to count the money.  Like you do anywhere.  We finished counting and was one hundred dollars short.  That’s where my nightmare began.

I want to point out really quick that the girl that closed with me that night and I hadn’t been there all day.  We came in at four.  Before that it was the two managers.  It came out that it was from the assistant managers drawer, and not mine, and now we had to find it.

The next day we searched the whole store for that missing money.  Had to find it.  Had to save the assistant managers ass.  What did it take to do that?  Yeah.  What you’re thinking is more than likely correct.  For the next three days I was accused of stealing the 100$ out of HER register when we had our own sign in into machines.

They asked me the next day.
“If we pull the camera’s, what will we find?”

I replied with “that you guys are fucking stupid and I didn’t get in her register.”

I ended up quitting.  Giving them a piece of paper that basically said ‘eat me, you fucking cunts.’  I gave up.  I walked out.  The day they accused me of stealing.

You see, you can call me anything you want.  I don’t care.  Don’t EVER call me a thief.  Because I am not a thief.  At the time my dad was still alive.  If I needed 100$ that bad, all I had to do was ask him.

What would I have done differently?  First I would have hit the general manager straight in the face.  Because she was an old ugly whore. :)  Second.  I would have told them to pull the cameras.  I had never gotten into something like this, because I am not a thief.  Thinking about what to do in a spot like this was new to me.  I should have told them to pull it.  See that I was never in her drawer.  Because I wasn’t.  If I was, & I had done it.  I would have told them yes.

I haven’t been back to that Cheap Store since.  But I do know one thing – the assistant manager is now the manager there.  The old manager moved from that store to the one here in Marietta, and was fired for embezzlement.  Who outed her?  The wife of the man she was sleeping with.

Karma!  Remember that.

Me now?  I have one hell of a job.  Great friends.  & I honestly haven’t been this happy in a long time.

I’ll be even happier when I finish my book.  Just saying. =)


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