Something that ‘icks’ me out.

The daily prompt today: think of something that totally grosses you out & then point out some good things about it.

After I read this & got done laughing I knew exactly what I would write about.  Knew exactly one thing that, no matter who talks about it or does it, it grosses me out.  After thinking about what grosses me out I wondered to myself, can I even make good points about it?  Probably not.  For me.  But for anybody else, you can probably think of three or four things that you LOVE about what grosses me out.

What is it?  The Sound of Sex.

You just chuckled right?  Followed by a “how is that possible?”

Let me explain it’s not about ‘sex’.  It’s the sounds that come from it.  & no, I’m not talking about moaning or screaming, if you are into that.  I’m talking about the sound itself.  Can’t imagine it?  (Grab your cheeks.  Pull them out & in really fast.)  THAT NOISE!  *shivers*  Just the thought makes me cringe.

Is there anything good about it?  (Yes, that’s me asking you.)  Because I personally, cannot find one.  The sound is gross.  It makes any thought, for me, of having sex way out in left field.  No. Farther.


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