What have you done?

On WordPress they give you ‘daily prompts’, I’m sure everyone has seen it.  I wanted to write but I was unsure of what to write about.  I could have sat here & wrote about my day so far, but since it’s only ten-thirty in the morning, that would more than likely be extremely short.  Plus, you can read that on my Facebook page anyway.  So there is no point in me attempting to write a nine thousand word blog about what I have done today.  Not that I would actually write a nine thousand word blog.

So, instead of pulling up “add new post” & stare blankly at the big white square hoping that words would just jump on my screen.  I decided to go ahead and click the link “daily prompt” & see what they had to write about.  I read it.

“Tell us about something you’ve done that you would advise a friend never to do.”

Ever had that feeling where you swear your mind just farted?  Yeah.  That one.  Yeah, I got it.  I sat there trying to think of something that I have done that I could tell friends to never do.  But I came up short.  That’s when I realized that I haven’t done anything.  At all.

In five days I’ll be 25 years old and I have done nothing.  I can’t talk about a year and a half long alcohol problem.  Or that I had issues with E & lost everything because of it.  I can’t say that I went through this weird stage of stealing because it made me feel good.  Nothing.

What have I done?  I dropped out of high school at the age of sixteen.  Why?  Because every time I walked into the high school I felt like I was drowning.  That the walls were caving in on me & everyone, including my teachers, were laughing at me.  I couldn’t take it anymore.  So, I never went back.

Friends.  Do not do that.  Finish.  That was by far the first and worse mistake of my life.  I wish, to this day, that I had my high school diploma.  I had to settle with a G.E.D that I recently just got.

I worked at Wal-Mart once.  Got extremely mad at the manager & literally threw my badge them.  They fired me.

Friends.  Do not throw your badge at your supervisor.  They will fire you.

When I was fifteen, after my mother passed away, decided that a park ranger was being extremely horrible to my brother.  He told him he was drunk & pestering little kids.  So I took it upon myself to throw a chair at him.  I hit his car.

Friends.  Do not throw chairs at park rangers/cops.  They’ll point their finger at you & threaten to call your parents.  Of course remember, though, I was only fifteen.  I’m sure if you’re over 21 there would be more consequences.  But of course, what do I know?

Sadly, that is all there is.  I have done nothing else.  I’m pretty much that boring.  All I can say, I may be boring but at least I’ve never been to jail, stole anything, or done some hard-core drugs that messed me up.  I’m already messed up.


8 thoughts on “What have you done?

  1. These are “juicy” stories! Suddenly I’m thinking about the ones I did that probably would have gotten me in more trouble looking back at them. You just opened up a new train of though. There’s a success today. Thank you for posting. P.S. Celebrate your succeses great and small. You deserve all the credit and more that you get, but the stuff that counts is the credit you give yourself. :)

  2. Congrats on getting your GED! You should be just as proud of that as a regular diploma.
    It hasn’t made a bit of difference in my life that I got a GED (ages ago) instead of the regular diploma.

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