Having Withdraws.

Every now & again I’ll find books that I cannot for the life of me put down.  I’ll read it like it’s part of my life.  Then when I finally finish it I’m sad.  Like extremely sad.  Sad.

Back in 2008 I read the Twilight Saga.  I had actually attempted to read “Twilight” by Stephenie Meyer once before & couldn’t get into it.  Stuff exploded in my life.  Made a big mess.  & I saw “Twilight” sitting on my dresser so I read it.  I was down.  Completely out.  I wasn’t happy & books seemed to help sometimes.  I picked it up & began reading.  This time around I couldn’t put it down.

Twilight Saga

I ended up reading all four books within a month.  Sort of.  I would have been able to had it not taken me four weeks to get the 4th book from the library.  Now, might I add that I HATE to wait.

After I finished the books I felt empty.  As if I had something missing from my life that I couldn’t piece together.  I ended up having an emotional break down & left state.  Was that from the books?  No.  But I did enjoy the books.  A lot.

I was not able to get into another series again.  I read books off & on after I left state.  I basically lived at the library where I went.  I read a few books that I now couldn’t tell you the names of except a book I read that had a cupcake on the front.  I remember nothing else.

This year I was watching Ellen DeGeneres & she spoke about some books.  She explained that she was on an air plane & the woman next to her was reading a book she had heard about, never read, & kept fidgeting in her seat.  Watching that woman made her want to buy & read the books.  Ellen talking about them made me buy the first book.  Yes.  I am talking about “50 Shades of Grey”.  I had never previously read a book like that before so I was a little curious.  I bought the first book on my sister-in-law’s Nook & began reading.  I was hooked.  HOOKED!

Fifty Shades of Grey

I read these books at work.  Every now & then I’d laugh.  Never squirmed like women say they did.  Never found a reason to need to find a guy.  Like women said.  I did, though, love the books.  Not even finished with the first book, I purchased “Fifty Shades Darker” & “Fifty Shades Freed”.

After I finished these books once again I felt empty.  Like something was missing.  Then I started dreaming about my own personal Christian Grey.  Now, let me explain that I never once had a raunchy dream.  I just dreamed about my Christian Grey.  The stuff she wrote about in that book got my attention.  I don’t want to say “I’m into things like that”, because for anybody who has read these might think I’m weird.  I am weird.  Sexually… I am curious.  & we will leave it at that.

I began looking for some more books like these.  Or even like the “Twilight Saga”.  But after thinking about it, though, I decided against trying to find another vampire story.  Mostly because I have attempted to reread “Twilight” & I can’t.  I cannot get into the saga anymore.  I’ve tried.  I’m guessing that it’s just one of those things – I can read it once but not again.  “Fifty Shades”, however, I could read over & over, & I am actually thinking about reading them again.

Two weeks ago I walked into Hasting’s with nothing on my mind except walking out with a couple of books to read.  When you first walk into that store, or at least the one I have here, all you see is “Fifty Shades”.  On the bottom of the rack sat a book I grabbed & glanced over.  I ended up buying that book.  Mostly because it refers to being like Fifty Shades.

Bared to You

The cover is so simple.  But yet the book is unbelievable.  In my opinion, of course.  But, it is so similar to “Fifty Shades” that I never doubted that I would like it.  I am sad, though, of how similar it is to “Fifty Shades”.  Is that how it’s going to be?  Cannot read anything else unless it is so much like “Fifty Shades” that I threaten to throw it away without finishing it because of it?  Eh.  Probably not.  But what a thought.  Now I’m waiting for them to release the second book.  It will be out October 23rd.  Have I ever mentioned that I hate to wait?  Then I have to wait until December to get the 3rd book.  If I had honestly known it was a three book deal & I had to wait for number 2 & 3.  I probably wouldn’t have read the first one.  That is how much I hate to wait.

I kept walking through Hasting’s & found another shelf that held “Fifty Shades”.  Who would have ever thought there would be that many shelves of “Fifty Shades”.  (serious face)  On the bottom shelf of that particular display – it was a display, many shelves, I don’t know what I am saying half the time – sat another book.  I had actually heard of this book before.  I found it once on Barnes & Noble, but it didn’t seem my taste at the time.  Or I didn’t really read what it was about the first time.  I don’t really recall, to tell you the truth.  All I know is that the front cover made my eyebrow raise in curiosity.

Gabriel's Inferno

The cover of this book actually makes it look more… sexual. I was in awe of this book.  “Gabriel’s Inferno” was not what I expected when I bought it.  When I saw this book on the bottom shelf of “Fifty Shades” I expected raunchy.  Especially since a guy wrote it.  Oh, how I was wrong.  I enjoyed this book more than I enjoyed the “Twilight Saga”, & almost as much as I enjoyed “Fifty Shades.”  This book goes into more depth of information.  Backgrounds.

I may be the only person who does this but when I am reading a book I sometimes think “If I had wrote this book, I would have put this in it….”  This book.  Actually put in it what I would have.  But when I bought it I only bought the first one.  I was worried that I wouldn’t like it since it was written by a man.  (I’ve never gotten into books written by men.)  Oh how wrong I was.  Now I’m waiting until payday to buy the second book.  Have I mentioned that I really, really hate to wait?

I don’t have a book to read right at this moment.  & I am having with draws.  Yes.  Seriously.  Like my crack was flushed down the toilet & I cannot get anymore.  I really need a book.  Everyone around me keeps telling me to breathe & calm down.  If I breathe anymore, I’m going to end up passing out.  So I have decided this time around I am going to get “Gabriel’s Rapture” & hunt for another book.  I just don’t know what to read this time, since I’m still waiting for the 2nd & 3rd book of the Crossfire Series.


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