It Never Fails!

I bought my first car when I was eighteen years old.  I walked into a car lot & fell in love with a 2001 Dodge Stratus.  I paid $4600.  When I finally got my license, 21 years old, I finally began driving it. 

I am a horrible driver, by the way.

Ever since I began driving my car I have had to replace something every year.  Literally. 

I began planning my vacation a couple weeks ago.  Even took off work for it.  Remember the vacation blog?  Yeah.  My car is no longer running.  Yeah.  You read that right.  & I am not a hundred percent sure what is wrong with it.  We’ve narrowed it down, though.  It’s either the battery.  Alternator.  A sensor.  Or my car is finally broken.  Maybe that isn’t so narrow.  My mechanic, who happens to be my brother, is pretty sure it’s the alternator.  I am not really sure what I want it to be.  Either way, I’m out $100. 

Now let’s in the cost to change my oil because I haven’t changed it in a year.  & having my brother as my mechanic sucks here.  Why?  Because he decided if he works on my car I have to buy the parts he wants.  What does that mean?  It’s not cheap.  It takes me $100 when he changes my oil.  I guess that isn’t totally bad if it’s yearly.

I still plan on going on vacation next month.  I’m hoping I’ll still be able to save some money.  It takes $50 to fill up my car with gas.  So I need at least $100, because I only get 300 miles per full tank.  My house to Amarillo, Texas is about 330 miles.  I’ll have to refill before I get to my destination.  I really hope my car doesn’t ruin my vacation.  I don’t want to stay here during it.  I guess if I do have to stay it’ll be running well enough & I will just go watch “Breaking Dawn: Part 2” in theaters.


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