Vacation? I think so!

The biggest issue I may come up to is not having the money to go.  & if that happens, I’m going to be one very sad little person.  Mostly because I have many reasons to go.

Where am I going?

Amarillo, Texas.  Yeah boi!!! (giggles)

My brother & I decided that I need to pack up & leave for a few days. I talked to my supervisor & took off my birthday, & three days.  Yay me!  I plan on leaving November 12 & returning November 23.  I’m so excited. 

Only downfall?

When my sister-in-law realizes that is the week that Breaking Dawn – Part 2 comes out & she will have to wait a week to watch it.  She is going to be furious.  Good thing she doesn’t read my blog & by the time she realizes it, I’ll be out of state. 


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