How Long Does It Last….

So I have sat down a few times to write & still nothing.  My novel just sits in my laptop collecting dust.  Is that even possible?  Internal dust from my hard drive.  But now I question whether or not I’m able to finish it.  It was a part true story of something I was doing – a guy I liked.  But the other day I ended it.  Just told him I am done with it and I’m sick of the crap.  That he isn’t what I wanted.

I thought about keeping it going and just have her find herself.  Know what I mean?  Like.. her end it in the story like I did in real life but then have him show up.  Is that retarded?  Y’all haven’t even read the story.  What is it about?  It’s about a girl who, ever since her Uncle was locked up, has been a pen-pal to prisoners.  Give them something to do & look forward to & have her something to keep her writing…. up to date.  After nearly 10 years of having bullshit thrown at her, and lie after lie she finds a guy.  Nice.  Cannot find bullshit by any means.  Starts to fall.  But doesn’t understand how that is possible through letters.  …now apparently after nearly two years of writing & what not she ends it.  Goes on with her life.  & I’m thinking about letting him just show up at her house. ((Mostly because I don’t want to lose the ending.))  I might even make up a relationship or two – he still has five years to go.

Sounds stupid doesn’t it? 

I’m almost done with it. 

I guess we’ll see, huh?


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