I used to be a big blogger.  Would blog all the time.  Then I stopped.

I made this account a long time ago.  I actually forgot about it until I seen someone blogging on it that I hadn’t seen in a long time blog.  I went to comment on her post & it told me that I have an account.


When did I make an account on WordPress.  I’ve always used Blogger.

I have some learning to do on this site.  I don’t really know how to work it, nor do I know if I’ll continue to blog on this or not.  It really isn’t any different, I don’t blog anywhere else, either.


I have been in a major slump lately.  Writing slump, that is.  I have been trying & trying to finish the story I started & nothing.  I’ve been asked a lot if I plan on publishing when I finish.  Truth is… you have to finish a book to get it published.  Right?  I told everybody at work, since I broke my foot a couple weeks ago, that I would work on my story since I don’t have anything else to do, & I haven’t.  Not a sentence have I worked on.

Do all writers go through this?  Does this make me less of a writer?

I can start stories.  But I end up writing a page & then nothing.  Everything I wanted to do with the story flies out the window & I never write on it again.  I sat at work last Monday & wrote a page.  One page.  I know what I wanted to do with it, even if it was just a short story, & nothing.  I ended up doing something completely different.  So I emailed it to myself & figured I’d work on it later.

I haven’t even pulled up my email.


2 thoughts on “Blogging.

  1. Is anyone blogging anymore? I thought it was a dying art but everyone says novelists have to blog so here I am! I have my main website here but I need to get it redesigned so that my blog isn’t the only thing on it! It’s great to see you blogging again.

    1. More actually blog than I figured they did. Daily. I don’t. I don’t usually have anything to talk about. Everybody always has things to write about, but me? Nope. Nothing.

      Why does a novelist need a blog? I might actually have to google some of my favorite authors, see if they have. Then I can STALK. haha!

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